5 Signs You Need a New AC

When it is time to replace the air conditioner, do not wait to take the step. You may not want to spend the money on ac replacement Fort Myers, however, spending money on repairs sometimes is senseless. It makes more sense to hire a professional to replace the AC in certain situations. This includes the 5 below.

1.    If the AC unit is older than 10 years old, it is a good idea to replace the unit rather than continue to put money into repairs. The AC does have a lifetime that it will not exceed and should not be expected to go beyond this lifetime. Plus, older units lack the same energy efficiency as today’s models.

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2.    Are you spending more money on repairs for the air conditioning unit than it is worth? If you want to invest your money wisely, put that cash toward the cost of a new unit. It just makes more sense.

3.    Is the unit leaking fluid and making strange and unusual noises? Sometimes there are far too many problems with the unit to continue making a repair. It is simply a waste of money. Do not spend money to make this abundance of repairs.

4.    Your AC bills continue to increase but you are not doing anything differently. There are oftentimes AC issues causing this trouble that, when repaired, help you reduce the expenses you’re out on energy costs each month.

5.    There are obvious damages to the AC unit. When there are cracks, chips, and other dents and dings in the unit, it is safe to say that time to replace has come.

If you notice these signs that indicate it is time to replace the AC, get in touch with the professionals to schedule service at once. You will enjoy the cool comforts once again!