4 Common AC Problems That Decrease the Coolness in Your Home

If your home is not cool and comfortable, there are many reasons this could be and it is time to get to the bottom of things. Temperatures in Fort Myers can quickly rise and create undesirable conditions inside of a home very quickly when it starts to malfunction. What are some of the most common AC problems that cause trouble for homeowners?

1.    Dirty air filters cause more problems than many people imagine. Filters are inexpensive to purchase, so make sure they’re replaced regularly to prevent problems which can include improper air flow and damage to the unit.

2.    Perhaps the condenser is freezing, which will instantly cause the unit to malfunction. This occurs if the temperature on the thermostat is set too low, so make sure to keep the temperature set at 55 F or above.

3.    Are there issues with the evaporator coils in your AC unit? This may very well be a culprit of problems for your AC.  Regular maintenance reduces problems, which is usually needed once every two or three years.

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4.    Problems with the thermostat will also decrease the level of cool air you feel circulating throughout the home. First, check to see the temperature that the thermostat and adjust it accordingly. This is the cause of many problems! Consider installing an energy-efficient programmable thermostat.

If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, make sure to pick up the phone and call a professional for air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL. Free estimates are available upon request and can be used to compare costs with several repair pros in the area. You do not want to swelter in the summer heat any longer than necessary and when you call for service quickly, those stressors are alleviated immediately.